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Educating & Enticing Kids with the Best Apps Available

Introducing a child to the absolute best apps is a truly amazing experience. It’s a privilege to be with you on this wonderful journey, enhancing and growing your child’s abilities with quality educational apps.

As you will see, we provide videos with each review so that you can see and hear the app in action. I do believe that if a picture is worth one thousand words, a video of a great app in action is priceless!!

When I first handed my grandson his shiny new iPad I hit the power button – that was game on! He found his icon-red plane-math app and never slowed down.
I am so happy to say that it is over a year! We provided this baby at two years old with an iPad. He still uses and grows and thrives every day without exception with the best apps a kid could ever want.

It is critical that we as parents and caregivers take on the challenge to provide and guide our kids to the best apps in education available. The information available is endless- take charge and fill your kid’s toolbox with skills for life! The sea of apps is endless, fill their iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple and Android devices, with your chosen tools.

Be sure to click on our “For Parents” page.  We are doing a series of videos and the most important to us is there – Parenting Safety Tips for iPad Kids.

Mary Buchanan


We are parents and Grandparents with a desire to make the best of these amazing tools.  Providing our kids with quality apps spawned the larger mission of helping you to do the same in less time and research.

I must say it is exciting to see that there are so many creative and driven developers with product in the app stores.  Our kids are coming up in a great time and in an age of good information.   Quality, enticing, educational apps have really been jumping out at me!  Back to searching for more…..