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Stampy is on a mission to capture a noisy little bird. He’s so distressed that he can’t find his wand. The lesson in this tale is a good one for your little one to pack away in the “Toolbox for Life” When things get hectic and we don’t keep a clear head, we can’t see the forrest for the trees…

The use of plasticine images really makes the graphics pop to life! Combining that with a soothing narration, your kids will certainly be enthralled. Still, you should expect to hear lots of giggling 🙂

There are lots of interactive opportunities throughout the book, including a large jigsaw puzzle.

Stampy is clearly a labor of love created by a woman who rediscovered her love of books. It is published by Red Chain Games.  Be sure to read the interview below and show the videos to the family.

This is a heartwarming app for home use and would also make the perfect app to gift to your favorite teachers! It could easily be used as a reward for great classroom behavior or a group lesson.




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Meet The Author!

What was your initial inspiration for your app?

Ever since I learnt to read I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Years ago I started Stampy the Wizard and then got distracted with motherhood. Along with rediscovering the magic in the world that we take for granted as adults (how easy it is to forget how caterpillars become butterflies when you only really notice them eating your garden!), I also rediscovered the joy of reading with a child.

In the early years I had to take my daughter to a fair few medical appointments and, in addition to a bag full of toys and distractions, also used to rely on my iPad or phone as an engaging distraction while we waited. Interactive books were great, I could have several to choose from without adding more weight to my bag, they were calm (as opposed to some games) for an already stressed child but engaging enough to keep her distracted.

A couple of years ago I was chatting to Dean from Red Chain Games about a mutual love of plasticine animation and showed him the original illustrations I’d done for Stampy the Wizard. He suggested we turn it into an interactive book. This seemed a perfect way to bring the story to life, so I dusted off the models and got back to it.

What is your favourite aspect of your app?

I enjoy how the reader can take an active role in making the story move along. Watching a child smile as they tap the screen to make Stampy’s magic go off, or their pleasure when they finish a jigsaw is what it’s all about.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I love hearing of children who have never expressed much interest in books, happily engaging with the story and enjoying it. Books should never be seen as a dull alternative to other options. We live in a very technological age and if we can embrace that and use it to foster a love of reading in children, that’s great.

Vanessa Brister  – Author and Owner of “Hairy Kow Design Ltd.”.

Published by Red Chain Games

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