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Aaron’s Rainy Day is a delightful app for kids. Little ones love to play in the rain and will get lots of giggles helping Aaron out on his rainy adventure. The graphics are top notch! Parents, enjoy quality reading time with an app that is sure to make everyone smile. These days the digital world can made it hard for parents to get a word in, never mind a story!  This is a great opportunity to open a dialogue.

When story time is over there are plenty of options. There are 16 puzzles, an Artboard with brushes, stamps, and stickers, and a Bubble pop game.

The app is free to download and then a one time purchase with no ads.  There is a support option within the app for parents. We are showing you the unlocked version in the videos to display the value of this app. Go to our Parents section above for videos on safety settings for iPad to ensure that you are the one doing the purchasing 🙂

Help Aaron Dance in the Rain!

Pick a Page!

Create Something!

Puzzles and Bubble Pop!

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aaronsRainyDayDeveloperPicJeremy Wade is Dozy Bear LLC  “Aaron’s Rainy Day”

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

My mother wrote the original story for Aaron’s Rainy Day about fifteen years ago when I was very young, and she originally titled it “Rain Dance.” She asked me to illustrate her book about six years ago, but when I started college I never got around to it. When I decided to start an app company after graduating, I decided to go all out with her story and not just illustrate it, but turn it into a multimedia book app.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

Without a doubt, my favorite aspect of this book is the character animation I incorporated into the story that took the pages from static to dynamic. At first I simply created a single image for each page with just a few moving components, but the best decision I made was to take the time to learn how to rig up characters with fully animated body parts. Even the subtle eye darts and blinks make it feel like there is a real character on the screen and took the book from okay to wow.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Don’t forget to check out Aaron’s Rainy Day on Apple TV, where you can read the story portion of the app using the Siri remote or a game controller. For our future apps, I hope that we can reach the point where our products can be as emotionally heartwarming and as visually appealing as a Pixar or Disney film. To achieve this, I want to focus on the quality instead of the quantity of the apps we release, so don’t be surprised if we don’t put out very many apps over the course of the next year or so. I also urge parents to send an email if they feel anything is wrong with our apps so that we can make any changes needed to make them more child friendly.




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