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This is a fantastic book app that applauds imagination and triumph! Liz is a gorilla baby that so misses her parents. A magical thing happens and help is on the way. Read along as the hero – could be you – just upload a face photo – whisks Liz across the world in search of her parents! Fully interactive – just tap around to find hidden magic 🙂

This book also reinforces reading readiness in the highlighted sentences that you can tap an hear again!

This book app is presented to us by My Digital Photo Story

Help Comes From Magical Places!

On the Way to a Fabulous End!

The Lost Gorilla – Mom, It’s Me!™ – My Digital Photo Story

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers: Shira & Eden!







What was the initial inspiration for “Mom, It’s Me!™”?

I have two beautiful girls and I love reading to them. At times, without thinking too much about it, I found myself reading the stories as if they were the main characters. My older daughter loved it, but would then look at the illustrations and say “Mom, it’s not me!”. When I first saw an interactive book on the iPad, it immediately hit me – I’m going to make my daughter say: “Mom, it’s me!”.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

My apps are not games, but are far more interactive than the average book app. When you put an iPad or an iPhone in the hands of your children, they expect fun and interactivity everywhere, even in books. Children make an immediate connection with our books because they see themselves as the stars of the show. We then keep them engaged by providing a high level of interactivity in each page. This active experience makes them more receptive to the message in the story.”

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

The App Store has created an amazing stream of creativity in all categories. As a consumer, I enjoy the fact that most apps are very affordable so I can buy a ton of them.  For some reason, apps for children tend to be more expensive. As a parent, this limits the number of apps I purchase for my daughters. I hope more developers price their apps at $0.99, like we do, and make it up in volume ~ Shira Karp


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