The Night Before Christmas – Enchanted Tales (Night XMAS)


An adorable orphan boy and his cat, Paws, work to outwit a cranky, old toy tycoon.  This is a story that warms the heart and points out the true meaning of Christmas!

Join Jeffrey and Paws in their mission to provide toys to orphans!  Another reinforcement that one kid can make a difference.  You will also find a wonderful surprise works out for Jeffrey!

This book app is brought to us by Oceanhouse Media. A great book app that not only has multiple lessons on life but encourages and reinforces reading readiness.

Based on what I see from Oceanhouse Media I am reminded that many a miracle comes from creativity and drive!

Jeffrey and Paws arive in town!

Jeffrey works to help the orphans!


A big challenge is in the works!

The toys come to the rescue!

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