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  • LetterReflex – Overcoming Letter Reversals | Education Apps


    LetterReflex app is a must have for many! Letter reversal is a very common issue for many people. This tool is fantastic! Using kinesthetic learning techniques in the first activity, children learn from the tilting motion just which way to tilt. In many cases the …

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  • LetterSchool | Handwriting Apps


    This is an Award winning app for kids recommended by parents and teachers. What a fantastic job these Letter School developers did! A handwriting lesson the fun way! Extremely enticing for kids and filled with colors, stars, and praise. Presented by bij Boreaal Publishers, Netherlands who …

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  • iWrite Words | Handwriting App


    It is so much fun reviewing these apps.  Great for younger kids to practice handwriting skills in both letters and numbers.  This app is presented to us by gdiplus. The demonstration videos may look like our 2 year old kids writing away – Only it …

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