Baby Aquarium – My First Colors


A very enticing, educational iPad app, introducing colors to our babies. The only time it is okay to tap on the fish tank!

Baby Aquarium – My First Colors is presented to us by Kids Best Place.

I am constantly finding some of the most talented app developers in the app store.  It is clear that they all understand that fun, color, and beautiful sound mixed with praise are all key to enticing the kids to learn.

We know that our kids are learning through hearing and seeing long before they are speaking.  This is a perfect tool for color appreciation, identification  and hearing the sounds that associate with the fish.

Kids are also developing eye-hand coordination in maneuvering the fish around.

In this rapidly changing world, this app is a nice tool for baby’s toolbox for life.  This type of app is a great place to start and then move up the skill level as the child grows.

It was our pleasure to do this app review.

Tap and drag & the fish will swim where you want them to!


Beautiful tropical fish for kids to learn colors!

Great presentation and an enticing way to learn colors!  Fascinating exotic & brightly colored fish keep the kids enchanted!

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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for Baby Aquarium?

Baby Aquarium is a virtual toy, out challenge was to recreate the realistic feel of an aquarium and insert fun, educational and easy to use activities to it. We have continually tested the app on babies focus groups until we got to the best results, now babies just love it. ~ Kids Best Place

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

That something is always happening, even if baby touches nothing he gets lots of stimulation. ~ Kids Best Place

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We welcome feedback and act upon it to always improve the application. Please feel free to write to us, we are here to assist and improve. ~ Kids Best Place



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