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This app is created and presented to us by Itay Cohen Productions. Flow the stingray loves to collect and he collects glowing pebbles on his way home.  Help Flow find and count the pebbles.

This book app is loaded with top notch graphics and audio as well as interactivity! The music is soothing and encouraging for kids.  Learn to count to ten in a magical sea environment!  It is so soothing and enticing kids will always go back for more.  After reading this interactive storybook, download free drawing papers and music from our website NO ADS of any kind!

This developer is watching out for all kids : -)

Help Flow find his glowing pebbles!


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Meet The Developer!

I am a father to a 2 years and 4 months old daughter. Naturally we sit and play together and we also read and look at several books. After I graduated in animation from the academy, I started to experiment and use my skills to create 3D scenes and characters. Before owning an iPad I had the idea to try & make a children book using my art. When I encountered an app that served as a solid platform for me to develop my idea… I went forward with it full speed. This is my 1st ever app. I’m proud of it, & I’m learning from it as well.

What was your initial inspiration for Flow?

My initial inspiration for “Flow And His Glowing Pebbles” was a simple hard cover counting book for toddlers I enjoyed with my daughter along with my love for creating sea life in my art. I thought of a relaxing mood with a cute stingray I had developed over time and the colorful approach I would take.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

My favorite aspect of the app… mmmm that’s a tricky one. As the developer I had immense pleasure tinkering with the “garage band” app to create most of the music. I had fun trying to create many different animations and then I enjoyed the assembly of all elements into a working book. To achieve and create something out of nothing is always marvelous to me.

From the user stand point, I would think the favorite part is the simplicity that helps focus on the experience itself along with the relaxation the music brings and the colors of every page. My daughter loves it… she was my QA team 😀

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I’ll conclude in a personal note. I would like to share & expose more and more people to my art. I’m almost 33 years young & I work with a renown international artist & sculptor (DAVID GERSTEIN) for several years now. I see myself having a full busy and enjoyable career creating my own apps as well as physical artistic sculptures from the virtual CG realm.

Thank you so very much,

Itay Cohen

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