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One Giggly Gorilla, another Best App For Kids, will capture young hearts on the first page. The animations are delightful! Kids will help the gorillas throughout the story, climbing from limb to limb. Each page has a new set of instructions to get them all to the top. Pull down a branch to send them sailing upwards. You have to listen to the order of the gorillas to send them up 🙂 Tap around to bring out the Toucan hiding in the trees!

As you will see in the videos below the graphics are stunning. You will find cheeky dialogue on every page that is sure to keep kids giggling right along. The “Read Again” tab is a very nice feature – once read, kids can tap to hear the page as often as they wish. This means they don’t have to start all over.

This is a quality app that covers many facets of education. The primary focus is on listening skills. The ability to follow directions is key to our kids’ success. In addition to counting, early reading skills, sequencing, and color recognition, are all reinforced.

This educational iPad app is ad free and kid-safe, a valuable addition for home or the classroom!

Listen Carefully to Help Them Soar!

Try the “Read Again” Tab!

Help the Gorillas By Color!

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