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Such a magical book app with painstaking, fantastic graphics, storyline, and narration.  A lot of love went into this app! This also reinforces reading readiness with the highlighted words and audio.This app is created and presented to us by Astrid & Siri.

Join Astrid and Siri on a magical, breathtaking adventure and have a ball.  Astrid makes outfits for her animal friends with magic purple thread and Siri helps in every step. A must have book to see what Astrid does for her animal friends at the end!

After that, you can play the game that is included and you get to be Astrid’s designer! Be sure to tap away on all of the pages to find the hidden jewels!  Here’s another jewel – it’s free and it’s priceless!

**Parents Note: Check our iPad kids Safety video for settings as the app has a place to tap and go to the site so you may want to change settings.


Join in with Astrid and Siri on a Magical Adventure!

Tap everywhere to get all of the surprises in this app!

It’s Your Turn to be The Designer!

Astrid & Siri – Astrid & Siri

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

What was the initial inspiration for Astrid and Siri?

I was inspired by my children and lack of an enchanting forest in our New York City apartment. I dreamt of a world in which my daughters, Astrid and Siri, lived in the Arctic in a charming cottage and designed clothing for their animal friends.  Inspired by my Scandinavian heritage and childhood passion for clothing design, my dream was to create an enchanting story and interactive world for young girls to fall in love with, just like my daughters have.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

I love the finger painting feature that allows you to feel like you are really part of the design process. The magic of painting the dresses and the feeling that you are sewing the clothing onto the characters is very special. Also, when I interact with the app I see my family in the characters and the voices are my husband and children. It was an enormously special project that captured a moment in the lives of my family and it is a gift to them.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I also want to say that when I wrote and designed the book, I did it with my children. I used phrases that they would say and the characters are inspired by them. When I designed fabric prints and colors, I always got the okay from them before it made it into the book. My husband is Polar Bear because he is always in the kitchen whipping up food for the family. It’s a story about the fashion design process but it is also a story about love and friendship. The characters help each other and if one of the characters was missing the story would not be complete and Astrid would be unable to make her dream come true. It is about life and togetherness.

We will be launching in the fall a magical world of fashion and fun where children can set their imagination free and be transported to Astrid & Siri’s Arctic fairytale world.  ~ Tara


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