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This is such a bright and happy app! An app that is sure to inspire your kids to jump up and dance along! It will help their imagination soar as they dress the bears for the stage and they can dance right along with them.

Similar to a red light, green light game, the app has 3 speed settings on the lights. Kids tap the screen before the end of the red light segment to allow the bears to win their trophy!

The wardrobe is loaded with different choices to create the bear costumes over and over. The bears will dance in tap, ballet or hip-hop!

This app is presented to us by StormCellar Inc.

**Parents – When the curtain opens in the beginning, there are social bookmarking links  and a website link image to tap.  If you don’t want your child on the internet, please go to our Parents page for iPad Kids Safety Settings.

Create a Costume!

Win more trophies!

3D Bears – StormCellar Inc

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for 3D Bears?

3D Bears came from a desire to explore new ways to bring our creative vision to kids without having to get studio or network executives to approve of our creative decisions. As for the gameplay experience, my kids and I were playing Red Light, Green Light one afternoon and I thought it would make for a great app. The dress-up came once we had all these really cute bears and thought, “wouldn’t it be awesome if you could put them in different clothes?”

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

I love the way 3D Bears inspires kids imaginations. I knew we were on to something when my six-year old ran into my office (while we were still testing) wearing a dress and a headband and told me she had dressed-up like Ginger Bear. And then another time, watching both of my kids standing in front of the iPad trying to copy Cosmo Bear’s tap dance moves. Seeing that excitement and imagination in kids is what makes this job so amazing.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I love the way 3D Bears looks. The characters and the costumes and backgrounds, the user-interface – they’re all just beautiful to look at, with an attention to detail that you don’t typically see in kids apps. (And I have kids so I’m pretty familiar with what’s out there) I also really love the animation quality – I can’t think of another kids app that has animation of our quality and I’m excited that we’ve found a way to bring that to the game world. Our hope for the 3D Bears is to continue to grow these characters and their world. With more music, dancing and costumes, as well as more ways to engage with these charming characters. ~ Kevin Susman

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