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Where is My Little Square Bear is a book app with a different twist.  It has tabs that you pull and push to help find the little bear.  Great book app for stimulating kids to use their powers of logic and planning. Other interactive feaures include, if you tap on the bus it honks, at the Cafe, a tap on the door gives a knock, and  “Sorry, we’re closed”.  Nn page 8, tap in the far background, on the House, every time you tap the door, you hear a knock,  on the Clean Room, if you touch the little lump on the bed, the bear laughs and wiggles!

This was written by a family and one son, 8-year-old son Canaan narrates it!

This is a heartwarming story you will have to get if you want to catch the full story and the happy ending!


 Pull The Tabs to Help Look for Square Bear!

Can You Help to Find The Little Square Bear?

Where is my Little Square Bear – InteractBooks LLC

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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Meet The Developers!

I’m sending a little family pict. For your info the family arrangement is this: from back left to right: Ethan (13) Me (42) Kira (14) then in the front middle is Canaan (8) and Kaya (6) in the lower right corner…. and my amazing wife Kelcey is taking the picture!

What was the initial inspiration for  Where is My Little Square Bear?

I try to do something artistic with my four kids on Mondays, which is my day off. The kids are very creative, so we always come up with something fun. I came across the company InteractBooks, and they were running a contest. Design and build an interactive children’s book with their software and win an iPad! So, with that as the prize, I started sketching and came up with our little square bear. All the kids then contributed to the story and flow of the book overall.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

Hearing my 8-year-old son Canaan narrate it is my favorite part, plus the fact that he took the job of doing the voice over very seriously!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Just that I’m getting some great feedback from reviewers and parents regarding the “pop-up’” style of the book. I really enjoyed the idea of having that retro feel in a modern medium, and the public seems to like it too. So definitely expect more pop-up titles from our family!


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