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_MadagascarFuzzy Little Caterpillar is an adorable,  interactive app featuring science facts and music literacy. The app is presented to us by Cherubim Music LLC. This is a wonderful way to open a window for kids to explore their love of music and creativity! The songs were written by Mom/Teacher and the rest of the family participated in putting it all together. This is another great family app. Be sure to check out the Meet The Developer section below!

As a Teacher Tool, this would be a great reinforcement for lessons as well as a ‘free time’ reward to explore! The graphics and audio are very well done. The app has three sections that all blend together to reinforce the lessons. The ability for kids to tap the notes and learn the sounds will entice them to keep coming back for more 🙂 There is an adorable numbers game in which kids can catch and count butterflies too! Much to much to catch in all the videos – be sure to grab this valuable app!

 Tap Everywhere! Help the Caterpillars Grow!

 Listen and Sing Along!

 Tap and Learn Science!

 Learn About Music!

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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Meet The Developer!

Bures53aWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

My inspiration was a vision of what my song, Fuzzy Little Caterpillar, could teach through animation and interactivity.

As an elementary music teacher, I knew that singing and music experiences are important for brain and social development. So, when I became a mom, I looked for songs to sing with my young sons. But they didn’t seem interested in the songs I already knew!  So I decided to write new ones for them.

I believe that the songs we sing become part of us, and I wanted my songs to help our sons appreciate and understand their world. I wrote the poems carefully to reflect the true nature of living things, not make them silly cartoons with human characteristics. Then I created tunes that reflected the words in sound. Fuzzy Little Caterpillar was one of my first songs, and the pitches move mostly by steps, like a caterpillar crawling along a branch.

We sang these songs and I taught them for many years. I was always looking for a way to illustrate the musical ideas to help children visualize sound movement and relate it to how we write music. I added fingerplays and motions and created visual banners to show the concepts, but it didn’t seem to be enough.

When I finally saw my first educational iPad app for kids, I realized that this was the answer to my dream!  An app could show kids how a caterpillar moves along a branch much like the notes do. It could also illustrate keeping the beat, help kids learn to listen, and show them how a song in constructed. Even better, the app could include a section where facts about caterpillars are presented. Another part could help children practice skip counting butterflies in and out of a tent! That’s a lot of learning in one app!

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

My favorite part of making the app was that my family shared in the process! My favorite part of the app itself is that kids can touch the notes on the staff and hear their sounds.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I have taught music at every level, preschool through university. My goal is to make certain that all children have an opportunity to learn the language of music. There are so many research proven brain benefits to musical experiences, it is unfortunate and sad that so many schools are limiting access to music education. Fuzzy Little Caterpillar was shaped by my own research and my desire to create an app that makes learning music fun and relevant across curricular areas. I’d love to create more apps with my other nature songs!

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