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VeggieBKitchenVeggie Bottoms Kitchen is the perfect app to introduce kids to cooking with parents and caregivers! The fun loving, irresistible characters will keep kids giggling and coming back for more.The recipes are simple with step by step fun, instructions, and shopping lists.

Kids create their own smoothie recipes with the hilarious Chef Monty in his Test Kitchen! They can check the ‘clues’ from the chef by tapping his recipes to try to recreate his recipes. There are countless variations of smoothies. Enjoy quality time at home with them while expanding their dietary knowledge by leaps and bounds.

Beyond smoothies, there are over 40 wonderful and easy step-by-step recipes to start your family on a healthier path. They will be learning about shopping lists, following instructions, and most importantly, good food choices. You can sort recipes by a Veggie Bottom ingredient or by Vegan and the top three known food allergies – Egg, Dairy, and Nuts!

Teachers: This app is a nice fit for teaching Life Skills to your students and an inspiring recommendation to make to parents. This app is ad free and kid-safe. A tasty addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

You can view the original Veggie Bottoms for iPad review by using the ‘Find” feature on this page. Show your kids the original book of several Veggie Bottoms characters via the videos in that review as well as this one. We are sure they will want to interact with these adorable characters. The graphics and audio are exceptional in both apps. Soon they will be recognizing fruits and vegetables on your shopping trips and checking the shopping lists right along with you.

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