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Fun Letters is the perfect way to introduce your kids to cursive handwriting. Filled with fun characters in colorful graphics. It is presented to us by whizzy peas.

You have the choice of focusing on lower case letters or switching to also include upper case.

We all know our kids need to learn this, so we may as well give them an advantage.

Lots of practice opportunity and no papers being wasted!  Praise comes in cheers and colorful stars when a letter is completed.

I am always excited to see developers take a simple learning task and make it fun for kids.

Some blame technology for the decreased scores in areas such as handwriting.  This is a tool that takes care of that!

Come back and visit because this developer and many other intend to keep working away creating more great apps for our kids.

Kids love choice and variety.  If you already have a handwriting app thins is a nice addition to your child’s toolbox.

Tap the picture to hear the letter and what it stands for!


Use the bottom right button to switch and practice upper case as well!

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  1. Olena Guimard
    Olena Guimard11-23-2011

    Thanks for your review!

    we are already working on an update with a special bonus letter-game, just in time for Christmas!
    The new version should be available on App Store at the beginning of December 2011.

  2. Mary

    We were happy to do the review! It’s a great app.

    Let me know when you get the next one out.


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