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MoboCandyMobo Candy Maker is an educational as well as a creative app for kids.  Summer fun can continue for hours with their loyal customers; Mr. Dog, Hungry Pig, Mild Sheep, Fit Cat, Friendly Cow, Snappy Rabbit, and Sensible Elephant!  These characters are endearing and enticing to kids ages 2-4.

Kids choose from 3 locations; The Idyllic Beach, for an ice-cream party, The Amazing Amusement Park, to create colorful cotton candy, or The Fit Park, where healthy colorful concoctions are mixed and garnished to perfection.

Kids can stick to just what the customer is thinking of or get fancy and really dress up each refreshment. There is always a quick clean up for any spills too. This app reinforces the importance of cleanup and provides educational aspects too. Memory & eye-hand coordination are used as well as shape and color recognition.

Perfect for summer, this is a free play app with no scoring or time pressures 😉 Presented to us by Mobo kids, this app is kid safe and ad free. Mobo Kids is a small, family-oriented company with a bright future! Be sure to check out their comments below:


Meet The Developers!

devmobokidsWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

Our CEO’s daughter – Amelia – loves educational and candy-making apps. We’ve noticed that – in the case of apps for toddlers – there are a lot of mediocre games, with poor graphics or no real educational value at all. That was the initial inspiration for Mobo Candy Maker, and, to be honest, for creating our own company.

By creating Mobo Kids we wanted to combine two things we love and that we’re good at – working with kids and developing apps.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

Making the mess while creating ice cream of course 🙂 But seriously, we are convinced that showing the young ones that you always need to clean after preparing your food, is valuable. We are particularly keen on Happy Cow – and the way she shows her appreciation – that is a customer you’d wish to have in your store.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Mobo Kids is a small, family-owned company from Poland. We have a clear vision of what we want to deliver to parents and kids. Quality, education through fun and save content are most important to us.
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