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A great way for kids to learn ABC’s. Fantastic images of animals, many exotic, and stories on each page with information on the animal and using the letter many times! Another assistance in reading readiness.

Caution to Parent: As with many apps, the first page has a superhero and when tapped takes you to the other apps in the stores. We recommend you check them out and then follow the Parent Safety Settings video on our home page. That will ensure that you purchase what you want for your kids and they have an enjoyable app experience. This truly is a great app. which is why it is published here.

This app is presented by Synthcomm.

Fantastic images for each letter!

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet the Developers!

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There are still too many of poorly prepared apps for kids in the App Store offering no value for them. The main aim of Synthcomm developers and graphic designers is to make truly useful and also entertaining applications specially for the youngest users. That is why Learning Heroes (LH) series was created.

What was the most important for us while designing LH Animal Alphabet was the clear  interface making the app easy to use for children. We like that pages are not too crowdy and children can easily concentrate on letters, stories and examples designed in order to teach them.


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