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The best app for young kids, hands down!  The quality and quantity of the content are fantastic!  In Ed’s Jungle the job is to find 20 hidden animals.  When you do touch the top left but and they will tell you what they are.  Press the left middle button and they will let you hear their sounds.  The bottom left botton will make them move around again. There is a scoreboard to show you what animals are still missing and you will have to find them all to get to the surprise ending!

Such a fantastic app with great narration! This not only teaches animals names and sounds. It teaches their habitat and natural movements as well.  In addition it is a fantastic aid in word recognition for kids in the format it uses. The illustrations and animation have been beautifully drawn by Edward Gibbs who has published many popular children’s books. This app is presented to us by OneUniverse Productions.

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Can You Find All 20 Animals?

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爱德华的丛林 Ed’s Jungle HD – OneUniverse Productions

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for Ed’s Jungle?

I have a young child and have struggled to find entertaining and artistic apps for him to enjoy with us as a family.

What is your favorite aspect of this app?

My favorite aspect of the app is that it has surprises that delight toddlers in a charming, old fashioned way by combining things kids like, hide-and-seek, animals and their sounds.

Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers? 

The illustrator, Edward Gibbs, and I are joint partners at One Universe Productions. He suggested creating and app and after much experimentation found that kids just loved exotic animals. I am a photographer with a background in advertising and worked on many multimedia projects with Edward in the nineties. So when my assistant said she’d be willing to do the programming we took the plunge. There are four more exciting apps in production, one of which we hope to launch within a month.  Our website is http://1universeproductions.com/ ~ Dimitri

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