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AstroIconAstroloquiz is presented to us by Teacher David S Wingler of Together Learning Media. It is based on a quiz with 48 questions about what kids would do in certain situations, how they feel, what they like and dislike, and more. An amazing tool for any Teacher or group leader to open a dialogue with kids. There are clear directions for Teachers in the app for application in an exercise.Teachers being Teachers, can come up with many adaptations to the format whether they are a Teacher, Parent, Caregiver, or Group Leader. Astrology signs, with definitions of positive and negative traits, are the foundation of this app. This puts a fun twist on a very important  life skills lesson.

Kids will grow both  socially and emotionally as they grasp that other kids think and feel very differently, yet in many cases they are friends or siblings.   Astroloquiz qualifies for Apple’s VPP education discount for schools in K-12. In the videos I am tapping the questions to hear them read. Some kids may prefer to read it themselves. Either way, this is a priceless gift for life!

Working The App!

Discovery Your Sign!

A Few More Example Questions!

Definitions and Signs!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

DevWhat was the initial inspiration of your app?

I’m a teacher. I created the app for use with my ESL students in high school based on some engaging paper-based curriculum I had developed. Students were really keen to explore and discuss their personality differences and this activity gave them that chance. My goal is to help my students learn without them actually ‘thinking’ they are learning. It’s an indirect approach and has 2 outcomes- People learn meanings of words while at the same time learn about themselves and others. It is this spirit of discovery that I like to create in my classroom. I must say though, I don’t think Astroloquiz needs to be defined as a classroom app. I hope that everyone, young and old alike, can learn about their personalities and whether or not their personal star sign truly matches their personality.

What is your favorite aspect of the app?

Providing learners the ability to know words in context is integral in acquiring language skills. Presenting interesting topics for discussion also supports the building up of an individual’s vocabulary and discussion skills. I like how Astroloquiz combines these for my students in a way that they can identify with.

Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers?

I’m just a teacher who likes to bring dreams to life for the benefit of my students. I can only hope that this app sells well so I can bring further ideas to life. I hope that other parents and teachers can collaborate with me by helping to spread the word. I’m crossing my fingers that people can help me out by spreading the word. If that happens then my larger goal of helping other teachers bring their app ideas to life will be realized! I’m very hopeful and optimistic.

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