Elastic Alphabets® for kids : Educator recommended learning game for preschoolers


The Elastic Alphabets App for kids is an ABC app you won’t want to miss. The variety and playfulness of this app will keep your kids coming back enthusiastically for more giggles. Each letter can be reviewed in upper and lower case, with lots of reinforcing words and adorable animations.

Kids won’t get bored with Elastic Alphabets. Keep tapping and you’ll see that the varieties, both in forming the letters and example words, are many! The developers chose to highlight short vowel words as they are the hardest to learn. The exercises in this app are the stepping stones to early reading. There are over 750 animations of letters and associated words.

This educational app for kids is a must have for Preschool, Home Use, and Elementary classrooms. Parents and Caregivers: Gift this app to your kid’s new teacher in the fall – It makes for a great group experience.

Check out the videos to see the ease of use of this ad-free, kid-safe app. It is presented to us by Pratik Machchar. Be sure to check out this educational app developer below.

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F is for Fox with Flyaway Ears 🙂

B is for Bouncy Balls, Bananas, and Breaking Balloons!

Z is for Everything Zig Zaggy 🙂

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Meet The Developer!

DeveloperPicWhat was the initial inspiration for the app?

We wanted to make the alphabet game which is very very clean in design  and a lot of fun to play.
We wanted to make it the unique game that which can stand out the thousands of alphabet games available.
We often think why kids are more interested in cartoons than a movie? This lead us to explore simple line animations with characters and sounds  and make it so interesting to learn for kids.
Elastic alphabets is the result of constant efforts of one and half years and continuous improvement based on feedback from educators, parents, and kids .

The end result was : “Elastic Alphabets® was featured on Google Play store worldwide”

What is your favorite aspect of Elastic Alphabets?

As a whole, there are a lot of things that I like in this game. I will start with the character “Gigi”, I love it, it is funny and its actions brings a smile on my face every time I see the actions.
I love the transitions throughout the game, A to Apple to Arrow and so on. And finally, if I don’t say anything about the sound, it will be very bad on my part. The sound added an extra life to the game. It attracts the kids and keeps them engaged.

Anything else you’d like to share?

On the process of development of the game , we learned a lot of things. When you want kids to enjoy and you want them to learn unknowingly it’s a tough job.
Testing Elastic alphabets with the real audience was a fun, they taught us a lot. Changing simple things that we even could not imagine, made a huge difference. I will just share an experience, we wanted to give gesture based animations and wanted to make it our USP, but we learned that too many gestures confuse the kids, so we had to simplify it further and released a new version with random animation independent of gestures.

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