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CityLettersFrugoton City Letters – Education and Fun for Kids is the perfect alphabet app for the youngest of our tech kids! Tapping on the letters will show kids the letters and pronounce the sounds for them. Seeing and hearing them is a great help in their memorization skills. This is the first step in reading readiness and the graphics and narration will entice them to come back for more. Hearing the images pronounced makes it easier to recognize words when they see them again. At the bottom are games to choose from. Puzzles of letters, sounded out, also reinforce fine motor skills! The rest of the games include Find the Letter, Eye Spy, Choose a picture by the Beginning Sound, and Tracing Practice.

This is a very thorough educational app for ABC’s. City Letters is the perfect Teacher Tool for Preschool as well as Kindergarten! This app is presented to us by FRUGOTON. The buy button here takes you to the free version. We decided to review the paid version so that parents and caregivers can grasp the true value from the videos.


Match The Letters!

 Choose The Picture and Trace The Letter!

Find The Letter!

Puzzle Time!

 Eye Spy!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

CityLettersWhat was the initial inspiration for  your app?

Our approach to mobile education has been inspired by Pattern Recognition Theory of Mind (popularized by Ray Kurzweil, I confronted brain science with early education and it appeared that when our brain is most open for learning process this is time when we put less effort in education. So we created our approach with learning experience based on patterns and curriculum of chosen skills to serve as best help in early education. Design of our every game starts with choosing one skill from curriculum and than we brainstorm with educators on how to develop this skill the best way from perspective of cognitive science and learning process, learning order and linking multiple skill. Then we start to think how exactly to transform this into efficient education. Just letters are not enough. So what would be beneficial for child to learn with it? Concept of city living is something we believe is important as a basic knowledge so we build our game around this concept.

As of art, it’s also little bit of design and science – colors, number of details, simplicity and contrast of objects. And we love the idea of making it somehow close to flat design but still being lovable for kids. It’s inside us, its not easy to describe how we create. We real it and we make it and every detail counts.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

Everything in our game educates. We are teaching everyday knowledge and skills in cute & efficient way. It’s not only letters, it essential knowledge of city. Every detail, even jobs and places are chosen to be useful in the future. We don’t promote fiction nor outdated things like steam train – who rides steam train now? With every game we aim to give some edge in knowledge to little ones for tomorrow.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We believe that through aware educational development we can make our kids little smarter, and little smarter now means much greater leverage for college, universities and real life. We’ll support aware early education by providing easy curriculum explanation and tons of parenting tips through our Parent Guide which soon will to be available. All focused on intellectual development of preschoolers. This is our effort to make our tomorrow little bit better – smarter 🙂

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