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_InteractiveFairyThe Interactive Fairy Tales app for kids is the perfect magical summer escape. The characters and the gameplay aspect will keep your kids enthralled while they are learning fairy tale limericks spoken in multiple languages. The language option is on each page and easily changed.

Current language options are English, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Spanish, with several other languages in the works.

Interactive Fairy Tales encourages free play and sparks the imagination. It’s an empowering exercise for our kids and a gift that lasts a lifetime. In addition, we know that early exposure to other languages is like opening a door to a vast and diverse future.

Tapping away, and enjoying the mesmerizing  action, kids will be collecting treasures and discovering the secrets in each tale. The play is long lasting. Check out the videos to get a feel for some of the content.

There is a reset option so that kids can start over or share with friends. You can access the app for free, but this review covers the app in full – after the in-app purchase. The full app version makes this one of the best apps for kids and tots we’ve seen.

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Meet The Developer!

FieldWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

All the stories in the app, ‘Interactive Fairy Tales’, came to me in a dream. I wrote them down and thought it would be great to develop a fun, creative app for children around the stories. I created it in 5 languages, so far, so children in other countries may enjoy it in their native language, and create a sense of community with other children around the world, by learning a little of the other languages, if they choose.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

My favorite aspect of the app is that it is very free form, creative and educational all at once. You just keep hunting around and surprises pop up and treasures appear, and there are many! And it is educational since the other languages and their narration and written words, are available with just a tap.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

The feedback from children and adults has been wonderful. And the app is a fun, beautiful way for my magical stories to connect with children and adults, across the globe. I always look forward to any feedback so I can make the app better and more fun. Plus I have alot more stories to keep adding to Interactive Fairy Tales!

My heartfelt thanks to all,

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