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JoshandEmmaYour little ones will fall in love with Josh and Emma. They are perfect little playmates, willing to teach and share. You can try two of the stories free. This review covers the package of stories available.

Each story is narrated by a sweet child’s voice. The interactive format allows your kids to feel like part of the story. Of course, they will be learning while playing along 🙂 In each of the stories are lessons about colors, beach objects, counting, animals, shape recognition, spelling, and more!

Josh and Emma is ad-free and kid-safe. This app is presented to us by The Norval/Sinclair Company LLC

img_3845What was the initial inspiration for your app?
Growing up, I always had younger siblings, cousins, or other kids around me. I loved playing with them, especially reading them stories. Years later, when the first iPad came out, I saw a young cousin playing with one, and I could see immediately that it was a watershed moment in the way that children consume and interact with content. After years of tinkering with ideas in the space, I came across Josh and Emma Go To The Beach, an app that had already been released, but was no longer being actively developed. I loved the characters and the style, and knew that I wanted to get involved and help take it to the next level. I partnered with the original developer and started the process of deciding what was next for Josh and Emma. We knew we wanted to offer more stories, so I began researching the most important skills for early education – essentially, what abilities are top-tier kindergartens evaluating during the admissions process. Then, I worked with my sister, who is a third-grade teacher, to work the most important skills into the four new stories, while keeping them fun and sticking true to the original story’s style.
What is your favorite aspect of your app?
I’m going to cheat and pick two – a favorite story and a favorite feature. My favorite story is ‘Build a Kite’ because it’s the most interactive, and in addition to shape matching, it teaches problem-solving and creativity, skills that I find to be under-represented in educational apps. My favorite feature is the way that the app can grow with a child. Parents can turn on autoplay for younger kids who aren’t yet ready to advance the pages on their own. Then, later, they can turn autoplay off, at which time the little one is already familiar with the story, but can focus on reading along and the interactive components.
Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Thanks so much for your support. We have many more adventures in store for Josh and Emma, as well as other friends who we plan to introduce. The best way to stay up-to-date is to sign up for our email updates at

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