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_MadagascarMadagascar Math Ops features The Equationator, a magical machine using math to create soda pop fuel. The Penguins use soda pop powered jetpacks to bust the Madagascar Zoosters out of their cages! Kids will be enticed to come back over and over to help with the rescues! There are thousands of math problems from 1st grade to 4th grade! Kids can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with 3 difficulty modes.

The app uses in-game currency to unlock game content, power-ups and worlds. You can earn them through gameplay or purchase additional in-game coins via your iTunes account. Parents may lock out the ability to purchase the upgrade by disabling this through your device’s settings. Math Ops presented by Knowledge Adventure is a fantastic Teacher Tool to use in a group or as a reward during break time 🙂

A Kidnapping!

Solve the Equations to Get Your Weapons!

Lots of Options to Choose From!

Level Up as You Go!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

JumpStart-Dreamworks-cWhat was your initial inspiration for your app?

The inspiration for the game, of course, starts with great brand. The Madagascar Penguins are funny, smart, witty and innovative. So whatever we did, it needed to reflect their personalities. The more successful we are in doing so, the better the game play will feel, and the more effective the learning.

What is your favorite aspect of the app?

It’s a difficult question, I love the game, and I love seeing how kids react to it. I think the game is a great balance of learning and fun, and while the kids know they are learning, it doesn’t detract from the game. The monkey’s scoring the progress by holding up score cards helps to add to the fun.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

For over 20 years, JumpStart has remained committed to providing parents with excellent educational game products their children will both learn from and enjoy. “Madagascar Math Ops” is our latest offering to help children hone their math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and is destined to be another hit with parents, teachers and kids alike. JumpStart already offers other Madagascar-themed learning games for learning letters and numbers with several more in the works.

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