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Match and Learn The Greek Gods is the perfect app to introduce your kids to a more diverse education. Everyone is fascinated with Greek mythology and this is a fun way to discover some of that magical wonder and wisdom!

This educational puzzling app has four different levels to explore. Check out the videos below to see examples of the 3 piece puzzles, 6 piece puzzles, timed puzzles, and Greek God stories.

Kids are sure to keep giggling while they enjoy the whimsical animations and the lively background music, all while learning, enhancing eye-hand coordination,  and improving memory skills. The hand-drawn frames of animation, that reveal each character’s personality, are extremely well done.

This app is presented to us by Petita Demas Ltd. Match and Learn Greek Gods is kid-safe and a great addition to your kid’s Best Apps toolbox for life!

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Match and Learn The Greek Gods – Petita Demas Ltd

Meet The Developers!


What was the initial inspiration for your app?

We were always excited by Greek Mythology and their Gods. As a company with Greek origins, we decided it would be really cool to reimagine the look and feel of the Greek Gods and present them in a new, fun, contemporary way. We imagined them like everyday superheroes (Hestia, makes sure there is a cozy fire to cook and stay warm whenever you desire, Demeter takes care of the land and loves bread and cereal!). Our goal, that we believe achieved, was kids to have so much fun that they don’t realize that they learn as they play.


What is your favorite aspect of your app?

We are really proud of the aesthetic approach of the characters and their animations. They are very funny, lovely to look at and almost all the times they bring a smile at first sight. Another aspect of our app that we are really proud of is a technical one. We managed to fit huge hi-resolution animations, music and voice overs of 12 characters along with 4 mini games in an only 32MB app.


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Just wanted to point out that we are an aesthetic driven company. We believe that aesthetic education can shape the way children experience, interact and later on reshape our world! Education and creativity will make eventually the world a better place.

Konstantinos Karavellas Co-Founder ,  and

Alex Papanastasiou Co-Founder

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