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123 Counting Fun is a fun counting app with plenty to do. Four categories each have 70 activities.

You can count in order, use the numbers to trace an animal, trace the number that goes with the animal, or count the animals in each exercise. All very well done with great graphics and positive reinforcement.

My three year old grandson gives it a thumbs up!

This app is presented to us by Millenium Multimedia. They know how to make a fun and enticing educational app.

Parents Note: If you have used our recommended setting for little ones, internet access is disabled.
Our video is on the home page under “Parents”
Though this app does not have in app purchases, the “More” page connects to a list of other apps.
The setting choices are up to you and you may want to change them to get more of this developers work.
It’s a great app!

Tons of Activities for Kids!

Counting, Tracing Sequencing and More!

123 Counting Fun – Millenium Multimedia
This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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