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This app does shapes,  colors,  and numbers like I have never seen it done! The developers have created this totally intuitive and kid friendly app so well! Kids will learn to form shapes (don’t lift your finger!), blend colors, stack shapes, and much more. All done with a very friendly little voice to lead the way. Stacking the shapes leaves the imagination free to roam. Drawing lines is great too, you draw a line and the shapes start stacking up. Just grab the eraser and make an opening for them to filter down You can create your own maze! More good news – it’s free!!

This app is presented to us by CJ Educations

**Parents: There is a small gray button on the home page that links to the developer’s facebook page.  If you don’t want that chosen by accident, go to our Parent Safety for iPad Kids page and see the settings in our video.

Colors, Shapes, and Numbers!

Stack The Shapes!

Draw lines or create a maze!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for PLAY123?
We’ve spent many times to ponder how we can create an effective way of education with their enjoyment in study.We’ve started the project briskly with one goal: ‘Excite the Children’s Creativity and Imagination!’The project, making a one simple circle, became more creative by adding variety of shapes, designs, colors, sounds, and more amazing effects.

Currently, there are plenty of educational apps in the App store, and many new educational apps are constantly released. Of course, there are many apps which provided useful information, but unfortunately, most of the apps had wasted by not adopted by children effectively. We’ve started to think that the good content for child is must be designed and created by view of children. PLAY123 is the application that is full of these ideas and thoughts. We don’t want children to be forced to memorize the numbers and calculation methods unilaterally. We hope children have experienced the comfortable feeling by touching and looking their creations of variety of figures and colors.

What is your favorite aspect of PLAY123?
We recommend the pages of ‘draw shapes,’ and ‘similarity of colors’ Children’s imagination is amazing. They can create anything by drawing and they can play with them. Moving figures excite the children’s curiosity. The children simply touch a little figure of one color on the screen, then, the similar colors of the other little figures are gathering together. We highly recommend this page because this page helps children to learn the similarity of colors with easy and fun.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We are currently working on PLAY123 season 2. This will bring you amazing experiences you never felt before with any other app. So please look forward to it! Please visit Facebook page of PLAY123 to chat with us and get more information. Please visit now!

Play 123 is Now Being used in Elementary Schools!

We were surprised and were very glad when we received a feedback that said  elementary school teachers were using PLAY123 to teach their children in schools. PLAY123 is a magical app for children. PLAY123 is designed with very familiar materials to children such as hand-cut shaped figures, uneven stitch lines, and fabric textures. All I want from PLAY123 is that the children can have warm and comfortable experiences and feelings of enjoyment using it. 🙂 In the future we will continue to make our apps produce warm emotion and joy on the iPad!

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