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While you should have a few number apps in your toolbox, this app is one of the best for learning numbers. This is another great app by Spinlight Studio, the makers of Alpha Tots! Enticing and educating, a great app for kids!

This app review was fun to do!

This video will show your kids the number they will be playing (working) with.

Numerous pages to color with no mess or tools needed – just a fingertip!


Multiple skill areas are covered in this easy to use app. Below is an example of placement skills.

Kids love learning they can arrange the batteries. Eye-hand coordination reinforced as well as positive & negative sign awareness. On 5 they can water and watch the plants grow!


10 is a fun puzzle for kids that reviews shapes and placement.

Here is a great example reinforcing numbers and dexterity.

Kids love feeding the frog with 15 finger taps.

Every kid loves a piggy bank! A great lesson in saving as well as eye-hand coordination.

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It’s bright colorful scheme and intuitive format encourages kids to keep on “playing” – shhhh – learning! Bestappsforkids.org won’t tell either.  A bright red plane banners in the number.

With each number, there is an achievement game to complete.  What kid wouldn’t love putting 17 pennies in the pretty pink piggy or racing 2 cars, lighting 1 light bulb with one little finger?  All while being encouraged verbally through each step!

A parent’s best part will be enjoying watching kids go to this app again and again.

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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for TallyTots?

We entered the education market believing that we could improve what was there by combining great design, intuitive navigation and sheer imagination to create apps that parents liked and kids would love to play. And since every preschooler needs to know how to count, numbers seemed like a great place to start. That led to AlphaTots for letters, which eventually grew into the Tots Education Series.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

It’s probably the broad range of activities and how well play is integrated with learning. With 20 different activities, kids can spend a lot of time interacting with this game, and we built in just the right of amount of repetition to help them learn how to count while they do.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes, keep your eyes peeled for a lot more great titles coming from us in the next few years, including games like Operation Math that are geared to older kids in the 5-12 year-old age range. Like us on Facebook or join our email list at

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