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Patterns with Ibbleobble is another great app for kids to have in preparation for your their school experience. The characters are sweet, lovable, and encouraging.  Collect treats for each character to keep them happy as your scores go up with each correct match.  Check out the Friends tab to learn all about these special characters.

The ability to recognize shapes and colors is taken to the next level with this app. With repetition, kids will be able to recognize groups of shapes and colors at once.

Kids are praised at every step and this will keep them going back for more! The graphics and audio are top notch and there are hundred of puzzles. This app is very easy to use. Pick easy, medium, or hard, with seven levels of difficulty via the characters.

Kids can race against the clock or move at their own pace.They will enjoy checking their progress in the tab at the bottom. Progress can be cleared to begin again.

This app is ad free and Kid-safe 🙂 A great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life! It’s no wonder this is an award winning app. Scroll to the bottom to Meet The Developer.


Play with Tom – The Sporty Frog!

Get Cookies for Fin – The Sleepy Hedgehog!

Pick Florence – The Creative Fox!

Gather Daisies with Nancy – The Energetic Sheep!


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Ibbleobble’s Locale:

Ibbleobble is a place up in the sky, past the clouds where only you can imagine! In Ibbleobble we like to wear our thinking caps, get together and find out the answers. We’re all different which makes us a perfect match. It’s important to celebrate those differences. This means we can learn from others strengths and nurture all our weaknesses. Put your thinking cap on, have fun, go learn.


Meet The Developers!

PaulJamieKidd_MikeKiddWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

Paul: (Left in Photo)
I have always been interested in creating a high-end product that can genuinely make a difference to children in every day life. My passion for all things creative and my skill set provided a really good foundation for our brand, Ibbleobble. The real ‘Eureka’ moment occurred while visiting friends in Jakarta. We were fortunate enough to spend an afternoon working in an English school they were teaching at. The class was learning about Howard Gardner’s ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’ and how people learn differently. Additionally, it’s good to celebrate being different! I brought the concept home with me and pitched a few ideas to Mike and it rapidly developed from there. We are uncles to three amazing children, Lola, Caleb and Elijah and they provided the biggest influence on some of the characters that make up Ibbleobble. They even had their input – particularly Lola who provides some of the sound bites for the app. We also got them involved in some of our marketing photo shoots, which was handy too.

Mike: (Right in Photo)
I just wanted to build some great apps that would make a difference for our nieces & nephews and hoped that other parents would see the thought and effort we’d put into them and be compelled to use them for their own children. I’d been playing games with Lola & Caleb and noticed their frustration when playing games which didn’t stimulate them and especially games which where riddled with ads, pop ups & in app purchases. All these have their place in certain apps (or in some cases behind child protected walls) but for children, we wanted to make sure this wouldn’t distract them whilst playing. Obviously that results in an upfront cost, however I do think our games are very reasonably priced. And we guarantee no ads will appear in those kid’s games in future.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

From the visual side of it, I am incredibly proud of how it looks. It feels unique; it’s vibrant and incredibly strong. The simplicity of the app is one of the quirks of the app. We set out to create a range of products that are ideal for early learners and I feel Patterns with Ibbleobble epitomizes our belief of keeping things simple. I like that we have timed levels as well as an option to do it at your own speed. We don’t want to make kids feel under pressure to succeed so having this feature allows them to learn at their own speed. Patterns with Ibbleobble is one of my favorite Ibbleobble apps so far and was fortunate enough to be named ‘Best Application’ by Creativepool at their 2016 Annual Book Launch.

I’m also proud of the design. It helps our game really stand out. I think it’s visually appealing to kids but I’m especially pleased with the game play, it’s simple, but that’s what we wanted. I think having multiple-choice makes the game very intuitive. It’s great that we have a consistent theme running not only with Patterns with Ibbleobble but also our other apps including Words, Addition & Multiplication to name a few. This makes Patterns with Ibbleobble a great addition to the Ibbleobble series. 

I’m also pleased that we’ve managed to deploy the apps to all iOS devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad and also the new Apple TV with a pay once policy, so kids can play on any Apple device at no extra cost. We’d also love to build for Android once we expand the team.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I think sometimes we forget how much we have achieved in such a short space of time. There are only two of us that make up Ibbleobble and working on limited marketing budgets. I like to think we have created something unique and especially beautiful. We are just two passionate guys who love what we do. We hope to add a lot more to the Ibbleobble brand in the future.

I think these apps have been as much a learning curve for us as they have been for the children who play them. What’s great about these apps are that we get to hear views of our users and we can implement improvements so they are constantly being made better in newer versions. It’s also helped us look at how we will build apps in future. We have plenty of new apps in development, which we’re very excited about. Watch this space!

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