Penelope – The First Interactive Adventure from the Addison’s Tales Digital Book Label


Penelope – The First approduction from the Addison’s Tales Digital Book Label is a wonderful creation presented to us by Wivern Digital. There are options to purchase in the app and we usually don’t want the little ones doing that. Watching your settings ensures a pleasant iPad session!  There are Parent Videos on our home page if you’re not sure how. The Audio Version on the home page is audio without turning pages and such and a nice option if you want to buy it. Kids can relax and have the story read to them! Kids will love the Skip A Page option as it is a spinning wheel that they control.

After Penelope overhears some sailors near the Museum Garden talking of the ocean, she persuades her foodfood-loving adventure-hating friend Knuckles into helping her find the distant sea. But the only one believed to have ever ventured so far away is the reclusive Boris Bones – a bad tempered old gnome with a mysterious past and the rumoured habit of devouring any animal foolish enough to wander near his house in the overgrown quarter of the Garden. When he discovers Penelope is none other than the daughter of the long-vanished captain’s cat Tessello, however, Boris senses she is the key to saving his homeland down in the Caverns from an eternity of darkness. The trio then set out to find Tessello on an action-packed subterranean adventure that pits the unlikely heroes against deranged pirate princes, sea battles, riddles in bottles, monsters, dragons, double dealings, guarded treasure and a mystery as old as the Caverns itself

This exciting adventure is sure to capture your kid’s fancy and keep them coming back for more. You can download the songs from Penelope via iTunes, while teachers can access the sheet music to the songs plus a ton of other storywriting tips and lesson plans via the fan site – This app is a super classroom app for so many reasons and adaptable to all ages! You can choose the first option and read it like a book, while finding videos and interesting interaction at the same time. This is an adventure that will stimulate our kids’ sense of self and connectivity with all as you will see in the full product. The music, graphics, and content are top notch as you will see in the videos below!

Enter Magic Land!

Spin And Pick Your Page!

The Secret Map!!

The Songs

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

From Jerome: The picture is of me and Wivern CEO Garth with a lady from Jovoto who helped run the competition to find the best transmedia storytelling ideas in the world in 2010. That’s me on the right.

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

Hi folks! Jerome here from Wivern Digital. The history of Addison’s Tales goes back to the time before apps and started out as a Flash In those days (2009) the idea was to create a transmedia storytelling experience where readers could hear the songs sung by the characters in the books they were reading. Then downside was they had to go online to do it, which mean the reading process was interrupted. But then in 2010 Mr. Jobs brought out his tablet device and my friend and Apple man Garth said – why don’t you pop this Addison’s Tales concept into book apps? So that is what we did. And now readers can listen to the songs sung by Mr. Addison’s characters during a story just by tapping the page.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

I love the Hobbit, and think it is my favourite book of all time. When I read it as a boy, I thought ‘I wonder what tune the dwarves are singing?’ So I made those tunes up in my head because I couldn’t hear them sing whenever I reached a song in the book. The fact that Vincent sings (in his rather unique choir mouse voice!) to give readers the melody is a bit of a dream come true for me, and I am very pleased that the musicians we work with could make such wonderful accompaniments for their own instruments. What I really like too, is that readers can also glimpse into the imaginations of the characters via this ‘Enlivened Rhyme’ process, which is something that hasn’t really been done before. You can learn more about Enlivened Rhymes as how we make then, and also meet me and the others in the team (like Frank the awesome German animator) by clicking this link:

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

What I find great at the moment is that there are lots of storytellers out there who now have a brand new canvas to create their works of art – the tablet. It really opens up a new world of storytelling possibilities, and I am as excited as the next person to see what other transmedia authors like Cornelius Addison come up with in the years ahead. Our own idea is to combine the fables and songs of Mr. Addison with exceptional animations and illustrations, so that the themes and messages buried in his tales have new ways to be revealed to the reader, namely through music and art. We are going to recreate this process in our next app Harry the Huntsman as well. The tale it is about a very strange friendship between a boy and a large and hairy spider called Harry.

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