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Fantastic app that is not “just” a game!  This app improves eye hand coordination as well as other skills that are so critical for our kids! Logic and reasoning skills – trust that – I had to use it to get through several levels of the free section – LOL  Filled with great graphics, sound, and praise (Praise is critical in the education process!)

This app is free and quite frankly, I am still challenged by the 12 free levels~~ There are in app purchases.**Parents can go to our Parents iPad safety kids settings video, on home page, to view where and how to change them. I usually recommend that you buy if you want and then change the settings, which provides a smoother experience all around. The Easter Edition is loaded with easter eggs. The first 12 levels for free!

This app is provided to us by Gamopolis

It takes trying but I know you can do it! Retry shows your determination!

This one is FUN!!!!

 Tap Bob and Supercharge Him!

Tip – Make the trip shorter! : -)

Robo-Rail Easter 2013 – Gamopolis

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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Meet TheDeveloper!

What was the initial inspiration for Robo-Rails Easter?

We are all inspired by board games with robots, like Robo Rally. As we like cute robots and we also like the more challenging type of games (not the jump and run so much) we had the idea of doing a puzzle game with a robot. Of course – the idea of putting it in the Wild West theme was born as we definitely wanted to have something with a steam engine J

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

You need to turn the tiles in time. We really like the maps best where multiple tiles of the same color all turn together, so that you need to think about your moves, combined with some time pressure.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We are a small startup company with only 3 developers and try to build fun and mind challenging games – without a big studio in the back. We hope you like our games and we would appreciate any feedback how you like our games – or what we could do different.





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