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HitStoryKidsHitstory Kids – Columbus Sails is just perfect for Tots! Little ones love tapping everywhere and this history app gives them lots of interaction time. This app creates an imprint of the story of Columbus sailing the seas. Interaction with the ships, royal characters, and whimsical creatures provide a playful introduction for lessons sure to come. Images are stored in the ‘LogBook’ and let kids know they may want to go back and tap around to collect more. Check out the videos to see some of the places Peekaboo Peet pops up!

The graphics and interaction are an enticement for tots to keep coming back. This app is a great PreSchool Teacher Tool to open a dialogue with students! HitStory Kids is presented to us by Sheep, Sheep, Curly and Cap. It is first in a series of adventures to follow to help preschoolers get a jump on culture and history.

Setting Sail!

Tap Away For More Surprises!

Arriving on Land!

Peet’s LogBook! Can You Find Them All?

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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Meet The Developers!

HitStory-TeamWhat as the initial inspiration for your app?

It all began with our love for History. As historians we frequently talk about how wonderful it would be if children were motivated to enjoy it more. History helps us ultimately understand who we are, our society, our values and to accept differences through a better comprehension of cultures and institutions.

The idea of getting kids motivated at early childhood brought up a challenge on the field of early childhood education. How do children ‘learn’? After researching for 2 years we came up with working with iconic historic images that are representative of our culture and History. They will be recognized when addressed in school.

When my children were little I told them bedtime stories that I made up. The characters were real historic ones that existed. I made it fun and simple but always true to the real history. Many years later, in the digital era we did the same using an app!

What is the favorite aspect of your app?

The smiles and fun it brings to the children and knowing that they are being introduced to historic moments in a fun way! The fact that it is the only one in the market that is history based and uses images is very interesting, but we are particularly proud of the serious research “behind the scenes”. Nothing is there by chance. Each episode is presented in 3 screens conveying the notion of departure, journey and arrival. The objects that are the most important have faces and personality. The interactivities emphasize what we want to present to the kids. The graphics came out beautiful and the high quality of the music was also the product of serious research by a passionate and extremely capable musician.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Columbus Sails, about Columbus’ epic journey, is the first app that we launched and we have Going West ready. It came out fabulous! Our test groups loved the pioneers going West and all the perils and excitement with super fun interactions! We have 10 more iconic moments lined up and we hope to have as much feedback as possible! We love when people share pics of their children playing with the app and tell us their experiences.

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