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Apple’s Education Event sparked a new Era in Education. Apple is pressing the reset button. Bringing textbooks to life in an enticing way for students to learn. We haven’t seen innovation like this since the invention of the book itself!

Interactive textbooks with Videos, 3D images, easy note taking – just highlight text and make your notes. Such as “Test on Friday!”  I’m in Heaven!

I personally, have been dreaming of the day that the backpack weighs less than the student! That day is here. Teachers can say – Open to Chapter 45 – Student types 45  🙂  Bam!  Timesaver, Tree Saver, Stress saver and More.

This is just one example of a FREE iBook to give you a feel for where we are going! Many people met  E.O. Wilson today – you will see him in the videos here.  Another visionary in our time!

So Cool – the preface to a Text Book is a Video of E.O. Wilson personally introducing you to the journey ahead.


DNA Research comes to life for you to examine!


The material is presented with video and the ability to highlight text, chose your color, add a note, and your flashcards are available in an instant!

Slideshows! Seasonal Changes to give You an Edge!

life on earth

This educational iBook Book is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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