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Tacky and The Emperor is a fantastic example of how book apps teach valuable life lessons to our kids! This app book is so much fun! Tacky and his penguin friends have a few kinks come up in their planing for the Emperor to visit. Loaded with laughs for everyone! Don’t forget to tap the pictures to see and hear the words.

Tacky is different from his other penguin friends in several ways.  However, this book examples a great message to our kids to include everyone and to know that everyone has something special about them, no matter how it appears at first!

Even while Tacky is making a bit of a mess, he always comes through for his other penguin friends in the end.  That’s why they know he is special.

You will have to get the book to see all the antics throughout and how it ends.  It’s a great book app.

Word comes in that the Emperor will visit!

Tacky makes a wild discovery!


There’s a bit of confusion going on

Tacky will find he has a job to do!

Tacky and the Emperor – Oceanhouse Media

How will this mess work out!

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