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Tacky Goes to Camp and everyone learns that everyone is special! This app does a great job in education on social skills for our preschoolers!

Tacky Goes to Camp is an app that is presented to us by Oceanhouse Media. A charming story of a group of penguin friends off on a camping experience. It’s a cold and snowy time, but they don’t mind that at all. Now scary stuff, that’s another story!

They enjoy many activities like climbing rocks and dancing together, singing around the campfire and more.

The differences between the others and Tacky is obvious. The others pack all the right things and Tacky pack comfort food and such.

As it turns our he is very determined to protect his friends when a bear appears and does a great job of it!

You will enjoy going through the story to see how they learn the value in those different from them in life.

You can choose “Read to Me” and just swipe the pages. Don’t forget to tap the pictures to see and hear the words.

It was our pleasure to do this app review.


Tacky Goes to Camp – Oceanhouse Media

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