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The Poky Little Puppy is another example of the best quality apps with the ability to entice and educate kids!   That’s great!

Brought to us by Random House Digital, Inc. An interactive Little Golden Book. This book app is full of life lessons.

This app review was fun to do!


This video shows kids how to personalize their book.


Follow the adventures of the 5 little puppies.


 The puppies have fun but break a rule!


The puppies learn the value in following rules.

The Poky Little Puppy – Random House LLC

Most puppies, like kids, sometimes don’t quite get what rules are about.  Many are for safety issues no doubt.  Kids learn from the puppies trials that when rules are followed-good things happen

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  1. Susan Paris
    Susan Paris01-12-2013

    Great app hands on interactive embracing animals

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