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Thomas and Toby Book App is loaded with great life lessons our children will benefit from! A great app by Hit Entertainment.  The endearing characters teach valuable social lessons!

In reviewing apps for my website for kid’s iPad apps that are educational, the reaction to this one makes me smile. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The message is all about teaching kids social skills. Doing the right thing, being fair, following through.

What makes me smile the most is that it seems I am not in the minority. In my review, I post videos so that parents can see and hear what I do. Those are on my website. The reviews on YouTube stats on views for this one in particular top all – and they haven’t been there long!

This affirms for me that many parents and caregivers are also looking for tools to reinforce positive social skills. I love it! I guess these are the parents and caregivers that learned a quote long ago from All I Ever Really Needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulgham.

This app book brings the message to children in an enticing, colorful way. It is beautifully done and filled with great audio.

This app review was fun to do!


This video will quickly show your kids how to navigate the book

This video shows the other options including a playroom.

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A very colorful book, read in a soft soothing voice for kids.  I enjoyed reviewing it – then I wanted a nap!

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