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Winter Forest is brought to us by Carrousmile Inc. and based on the original novel from Renee Welch.

Milley turns twelve and is now allowed to explore the woods behind her home.

Unfortunately, she breaks a rule and crosses a stream.

What an adventure from there. Many things to interact with on each page of this fantastic book app.

The graphics are fantastic! I just love seeing a great story spring to life!

On the iPad you can zoom out if the text is too small – Too Many Great Tips!

Millie sets out on a new adventure!

Milley meets an amazing kitty!

We will have to hang on for Chapter 2!

Winter Forest – Chapter I – Carrousmile Incorporation

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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for Winter Forest Chapter 1?

Initially, we wanted to make an App that could free the parents from their daily busy work. We have full-time working mom with young kids in our group, and we all understand how hustle she could be if she wants to do a good job and take a good care of her baby in the same time. When we decided to steal the concept of a bed time story book, we wanted to make the book simple enough that kids can operate it without helps from parents.

We also realized that the parents all need some spare time to focus on the house work or their job. We tried to put mini-games with educational purpose into the book, along with the development of the story, to attract kids for a relatively longer time. We believe the parents will be relieved while kids are focused on something interesting and educative, letting them to have more time to deal with things of their own.

Another idea we stole is from a legacy game called “Legend of Kyrandia”. It was developed by Westwood Studios in 90s, last century. The funny interactive factors they put in game did inspired us a lot. We held up a brain storm meeting for every single page in the App. All the members of the group love kids stuff, such as cartoons, manga, and, definitely, video games. They are grown ups with kids’ minds within. We believe only big kids could make a good product for small kids.  ~ amelia Carrousmile Inc.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

This should be abundant interactive factors without sacrificing lots of picture quality. It’s simply not easy, especially on a device with such little memory and such big resolution, like the iPad 1. ~ amelia Carrousmile Inc.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

The original story “Winter Forest” is written by Canadian author Renee Welch. Although I cannot tell everyone a lot about what happens next, I can certainly assure you that the story will have more magical events and will be more and more fascinating. So make sure you check back frequently for our new release. You certainly don’t wanna miss a thing on Milley and Will’s marvelous trip in the “Winter Forest”. ~ amelia Carrousmile Inc.


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