Handy Manny’s Workshop


A high quality educational Disney app once again!  This is such a colorful, animated app that kids find it irresistible. Five areas covering find it, match it, color it, puzzle it and sing it are all very well done. Even babies under one enjoy the multiple color it pages.

The perfect example of the best quality apps with the ability to entice and educate kids! Great Job Disney!!  This app review was fun to do!


This video shows kids how easy it is to choose a game with the tap of a finger.


The color it segment contains many pages to provide hours of coloring time for kids.  All done with finger motions and no mess!  Kids can save their finished pages.


All kids love puzzles and there are plenty to choose from here.  Notice the challenge level options available in the beginning.

Match It is a fun way for kids to enhance memory skills.

The Find It game enhances observational skills.  Kids will love the positive feedback when they tap the eyes of the hidden objects.  Tap the question mark for hints on hidden tools.

Sing It is a quick and catchy tune in both Spanish and English.  Kids just love it!

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Matching, puzzles & finding things are all skills that can be honed by your kids before they ever go to school.  This puts your kids in the best position with a strong advantage via you.  The multilingual properties are definitely a plus!

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