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Monkey_iconAn adorable and educational app by THUP Games LLC.   We had the best time reviewing this app. Such fun for kids!  There are seven different games to enjoy on this intuitive, colorful app.  Another of the best quality apps with the ability to entice and educate kids!

This video shows you how your kids will enjoy piecing the fruit back together, picking colors, learning shapes & more-all with a very excited little monkey.

Here you will see more learning opportunities such as matching pairs of fruit, picking a fruit that is different and number practice all in one!

The adorable monkey gives a gentle message if a mistake is made and rejoices when all is well.  Colors, shapes, and numbers are all reinforced as well.

More chances for kids to play with counting fruit, touching shapes, matching and letter recognition.

Filling the monkey’s  lunchbox and learning about colors, letters, fruits, shapes and numbers while being cheered on by the monkey!

After each phase kids can pick a sticker – a reward for being best!

Kids will love the silly monkey doing back flips every time the put fruit in his lunchbox.

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