TieDye Doodle


An app for kids creativity is a great way to spark their imagination! Toddlers to elementary school kids will have such a good time while learning in the process.

Break out your beads, peace signs and bell bottom jeans! A tiedye occupy nation!

Here’s an app that will bring back memories for many parents and grandparents. It did for me! I still love my tie dyed shirts…This app is presented to us by Shoe the Goose, LLC

My grandson and I already have a virtual closet filled with shirts of all colors. It is easy to follow this app but our little ones will need some reading with a parent. Another opportunity for quality time with our kids.

This educational app brings out the creativity in our kids. Freedom of expression is enticing for our kids and this app says just that.

There are many tee shirt choices, color choices, decorations and rubber band size choices and more. Email them to everyone for fun.

This is another opportunity to spend quality time with your kids and create dozens of shirts and laughs!

It was our pleasure to do this app review.

Create your closet full of TieDye shirts!

Dozens of choices in color and style!

Tie Dye Doodle – Shoe the Goose

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Meet The Developers!

What was the initial inspiration for Tie Dye Doodle?

A couple summers ago, we took our family to a nearby resort for a mini vacation. While our older kids were busy checking out the zip lines, we went in search of something to do with our youngest. One of the activities offered was t-shirt tie dying. It was such fun and brought back the wonderful memories I have of tie dying shirts with my extended family. Everyone in my family has a the same picture of all the cousins wearing their newly tie dyed shirts.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

I love the no mess creativity of Tie Dye Doodle! Kids can use it to experiment with colors and patterns and really create something fun and unique. I also like that they can personalize the model with different skin and hair colors and silly facial expressions.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

In our latest update, which will be released soon, we’ve partnered with Sundog Productions. You’ll be able to have a real t-shirt made with your Tie Dye Doodle creation!



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