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Do You Promise? is another product from parents that saw a need and knew how to spark enthusiasm in their kids. It is present by Jessami Ltd. Be sure to see their interview and social media links below!

This Promise app can make things run much smoother at home 😉 They are designed to boost self-confidence and encourage healthy living. It’s easy for parents and caregivers to set up a profile for each child, go back and add more promises, and watch kids happily await their rewards. The rewards are chosen at the Promise time and sealed with fingerprints by both the parent and the kids. This is an excellent opportunity for quality time with your little ones 😉

Check out the videos and you will quickly see that all of the amazing graphics and animations go a long way toward enticing your kids to stick to their promises. The videos they will see are done in a facetime fashion and will truly engage their attention and devotion to complete their promises.

You will get to test it for free and there are several characters you can purchase packages of 3 for a total of 9 promises per character. The developer’s creations, Princess Ava and MJ-5 led to Poppy Cat and Super Geek Heros licensing, and more.

We have chosen to review the fully paid promises as we are sure you want a sneak peak. Check out our Parents section for other tips to prevent unwanted purchases and age-appropriate access here: Safety Tips


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Meet The Developers!

PromiseDevWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

We are a Mum and Dad who have spirited children who, much like most parents, are always looking for a way to help our children accomplish everyday routines! Our initial inspiration to create the app Do You Promise? was our then 3 yr old daughter. It all started when we visited a local supermarket where there were ‘Stormtrooper’ characters collecting for charity. After this, she became obsessed with these characters and would do any of her daily routines if we told her that they had asked her to. We even resorted to making pretend phone calls to her from a ‘Stormtrooper’ (my husband hiding upstairs!) to ask her to eat all her dinner to be ‘big and strong’ so she can be a Stormtrooper when she is older. From that experience and being able to see how well it worked, we came up with this idea!

What is your favorite aspect of the app?

Our favorite part of the App is when the child receives the personalized face time style video message from their chosen character (they love facetime and to see their own face on screen!). They are asked ‘Do You Promise…’ from a choice of 9 promises. You can see their animated faces and their response to the character is complete belief! After the video message, they have to ‘lock in’ the promise they have made with their parent/guardian by way of both holding a finger to the screen which causes shooting stars on screen. This physical action finalizes their promise to their character. You can see how proud they are of themselves and in a world that is now led by technology, it is a lovely bonding activity for a child and adult to do together.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers? 

As parents ourselves, we have been very proud of our App in which we combine technology and parenting so the magic of characters can make everyday routines and even development milestones (such as potty training) that little bit easier for both the child and adult. It allows them to work together to reach a common goal and provides positive reinforcement to the child. We like to think of Do You Promise? as ‘A little bit of sanity for parents!’.

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