My Amazing Helpful Robots – The Power of Imagination


My Amazing Helpful Robots is a story of a little boy with a great imagination! His plan is to build robots to help around all aspects of home to free up family time and make his family life more fun. On each page there is a game for kids to interact with. The text is highlighted assisting in reading readiness. This is a very colorful and interactive app that will stimulate imagination in all of our little thinkers! This app is presented to us by Tic Tac Tiger.

 A Robot to Fix the Car for More time with Dad!

 A Robot that Cooks Makes More time with Gramma!

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

There are two developers in Tic Tac Tiger who created My Amazing Helpful Robots.

Mike Calingasan – He did the story and art, and Phil Brown – He did the code and effects.

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

Mike – I was drawing a cute, cartoon monkey’s head on my computer when my 3 year old niece came up and was curious to see what I was doing. She loved it when I started moving separate elements of my illustration such as the pupils and mouth making it appear that the monkey was alive and reacting to her touch.

What is your favourite aspect of your app?

Phil – I love the fact that when we started putting it together, my daughter, who was just under 1 years old, was interested in playing and just kept playing it. As we were working to finalise the app, she kept going through it, doing each activity and reacting with the sounds and illustrations. It was great seeing her so amused and entertained. The sounds, illustration and storyline just puts it altogether to make it a great app.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Mike – To quote from one of the reviews for this app from Cas Pearson, “…in this day and age, where so many children’s stories are focused on the child and what the child wants, it’s so refreshing to see a story about a child and his focus on his family. What a wonderful way to reinforce the importance of family and working together, by reading a story together about it.”

Phil – We appreciate all the support we have gotten during the development of the app. We hope that this app will let the users talk about the importance of helping your family,  help develop the younger children’s fine-motor skills and let their imagination go wild thinking of robots that they would like to build to help them with something.

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