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SayGoodnightSay Goodnight is a sweet bedtime app for tots! There are twelve characters that kids can help to go to sleep. The farm, forest, and house graphics are truly enticing. Kids will love tilting the iPad to rock the characters to sleep. The videos will give you a good look at how soothing this app is for kids. The quiet background audio is relaxing for all. There are many other creatures to be put to sleep so be sure and  grab this one for your tots! This is the Perfect Preschool Teacher Tool – nap time made easy 🙂 Lessons of gentleness, as well as bedtime preparation for kids, make this a Must Have App!

This app is advertisement free and intuitive – two things that Parents and kids just love. Say Goodnight is presented to us by Applied Systems Ltd.

Look For the Light To Pick an Animal!

Rock a Bear To Sleep!

Check On A Piggy or A Cow!

Now It’s Your Bedtime!

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developers!

Puppet-Life-peopleWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

Oleg: It is not surprising that we are all inspired by the most important people in our lives. One of them is my niece Vicky. She is a huge fan of different kids’ apps, but most of all she likes bedtime stories. Since I am a software developer, one day I decided to create a bedtime app for Vicky myself. This is how the idea for Say Goodnight was born.
Vicky did not only inspire me, but also actively participated in making of the app. For example, she gave me the idea how to make animals asleep, when I saw how she was playing with her toys.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

Vadim: I greatly enjoy the overall atmosphere in Say Goodnight: twinkling stars, the moonlight coming through the forest trees, beautiful settings of the farm and the kid’s house. And, of course, I can’t but admire the interactive characters of Say Goodnight. Especially the funny Dog which makes me smile 
Elena: What I find special and interesting about Say Goodnight is the soothing melody and the voice narration, which are prefect to put a kid to bed. As a parent, I appreciate that there is nothing confusing and disturbing in Say Goodnight, I can freely use the app without worrying that an ad pops up and my child will accidentally click on it.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Oleg: I want to thank to everyone who purchased Say Goodnight. I hope you enjoyed our app.
I am very grateful to my team who supported me and turned the idea of Say Goodnight into reality.
Say Goodnight inspired me to create more kids apps. So we welcome everyone to join us in Facebook and Twitter to stay updated.
~ Oleg Strokachuk, Project Manager, Puppet Life

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