The Rooster Who Lost His Voice | Tale of Friendship Book App


The Rooster Who Lost His Voice app is a delightful tale full of life lessons about friends, generosity, and faith! The Rooster frantically looks for a replacement as he is not feeling well and very worried that he can’t wake up everyone on the farm. Listen in and interact as he goes from one animal friend to another. Play a guessing game to help decide which gift from each animal to take. He doesn’t know they have given him valuable gifts! Find out what The Wise Old Owl has to say to possibly save the day.

This delightfully narrated version contains a full 18 minutes of narration and interaction on every page. This is a story that connects all generations!This app is presented by iMagine machine LLC.

Do You Know What The Rooster Should Do?

With A Sack of Gifts from His Friends Rooster Meets Mr. Owl!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!

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