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Twizzle, Wizzle, Parotti and the mudlumpees book app is in the 3d popup format. The app can be read in English or Dutch.The characters are very special friends. Living and playing in the valley of the butterflies. They very much value the motherflowers as they are the source of all colors! The motherflowers are endangered when the mudlumpees can’t stop arguing and neglect to care for the flowers. Our three friends must find a way to solve this problem and  save the motherflowers! A very magical tale that reinforces the need for cooperation and stresses our interdependence in life. You can scroll the screen around with one finger to examine the characters. This app will work for your iPad or iPhone and • For iPad and iPhone 4+ and is presented to us by FUTURON.

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The motherflowers run for help!

The Sun works on the Soggy Valley!

Hope Grows!

This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

What was the initial inspiration for your app?

My initial inspiration for this app. is, in the beginning, my love for painting and drawing.  Living in Africa for a few years, I could not always find the right material, so I started to draw on my computer. Far away from my grandchildren in Holland, the idea arose to write a colorful story for them. A nice present from “oma” in Africa. The tale grows in the process of drawing, and when I was busy creating this colorful world for my grandchildren, my son in law created a popup up book out of my drawings that made the story more interactive.

We joined our creativity and the app of Twizzle, Wizzle and Parotti was born.

As the story grew the moral arose. The importance of everyone joining their talents  in order to help each-other and solve problems is an important issue in this the adventures of the three main characters. This story also shows the children that everything has a soul and all and everyone is equal and  connected and of great importance to the big picture called world/earth.

What are your favorite aspects of the app?

My favorite aspects in the app are the colors and the three main characters, Twizzle, Wizzle and Parotti. They all have their different skills to help and to solve all kinds of problems, but always they need to work together to accomplish a suitable solution.

I also like to put a little humor in my stories. The grumbling, vain valley, the silly mudlumpees…..
Humor is an indispensable and essential aspect of life.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

I hope everyone will enjoy the colorful world of Twizzle, Wizzle and Parotti and the way they make a better world with the magic eyes of Twizzle, the brightness of Wizzle and the color songs of Parotti.

The sequel of the adventures of Twizzle, Wizzle and Parotti is in the pipeline.
They are on their way to help Mount Babu in Africa and meet all the animals this continent is blessed with.  I am planning to let our little friends travel all over the world so the children will learn a bit about all the different animals an cultures.

I hope all the children will like the story and its creations.


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