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Teacher Alert, Special Needs’ Educator Alert! This is a fantastic tool to support your lessons and allow free, yet educational, time for your kids! The 80 Animals, Birds, Sea Animals & Reptiles in this app as well as the opportunity to introduce other languages, makes this an easy choice. Check out the videos and decide what fits for your kids.

Preschool Teachers, Parents, Caregivers – There is a slide show setting which is fantastic for tots who will be mesmerized by the audio and images. We have seen 2 year olds swipe and find a favorite app icon – this icon jumps out. Knowing that – don’t be surprised if your 3 year old starts marking favorites with a star and managing things themselves!

This app is also available in other device formats as well. It is presented to us by Pratik Machchar. Be sure to read his interview below. Quality content in a multilingual app is presented to you by a Father of a special needs child. Truly, they are all special, so let’s give them tools to thrive with.

Kids zoo, Animal Sounds and Pictures provides us with an innovative educational tool. We all know that kids love tapping, sliding, and getting special surprises when they use their Apple devices. The audio of the animals in their environment is a big plus when combined with  great visual images. Kids have many learning styles, check this one out and decide for yourself. By the way, it’s Free, but ads are supporting that. With no advertising on our site, as we see that as distracting from great developer works, our recommendation is to provide an ad free experience for your tots by buying the one in-app purchase That is money well spent.

Use the Slideshow & Set the Intervals!

Animals in Hindi!

Birds in French!

Reptiles in Spanish!

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This app is a great addition to your kid’s toolbox for life!
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Meet The Developer!

DeveloperPicWhat was the initial inspiration for your app?

My four year kid “Vyap” is obsessed with animals and the sounds of animals. Many times at night we would sit down with him on the computer and search animal pictures and sounds.  As we started surfing, we slowly stumbled upon this idea for an app on a mobile device. If my kid was excited about it, I bet there would be many others around the world who are equally excited about animals. We downloaded many animal sound apps and we figured out that there could be a better version. We released our initial version on android three years ago.  After four iterations of different versions on android we ended up with four categories and eighty animals.

What is your favorite aspect of your app?

We especially love the images and the sounds of the animals, they are true to life. We like that you can bring up your favorite animal any time from the home screen. Our application is available in four languages – English, Spanish, French, and Hindi. We have the pronunciation of animal names in all four languages. The children can move around in the app by swiping their finger to the left or right. Our application helps kids recognize animals and they can mimic sound of animals, learning while having fun.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Our  application is in the android market and has done very well, it has been in the top 30 educational apps since year one. We have had over 1.5 million downloads of our application.

I was very satisfied and fulfilled with the hard efforts I put into this app when I received this review “Fun and simple for a special needs child”.

A high five from my 5 year old son.. He has special needs and this was an easy way to teach him alphabet. Many thanks to the programmer!

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