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The folks at Avokiddo have created yet another amazing app with a goal of stimulating young minds while learning basic physics and logic concepts. Kings & Queens provides countless steps through various castles, building on the confidence and knowledge of each player. There are no time limits, allowing for a focused and fun educational experience.

Kids will gradually learn how to move, manipulate, and conquer roadblocks. With some practice, it becomes natural to move, handle and combine objects to clear paths, obtain the keys, and open the gates to the next levels. If you hit a roadblock, tap the upper right button and try again 🙂 Check out the videos below for just a taste of the immense content in this educational game.

This app is such a great value with 115 easy puzzles for ages 5-8 & 113 hard puzzles for ages 8+. Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens enhances logic, problem-solving, memory, and perseverance.

This app is free of third party ads and there are no in-app purchases in the iTunes version. In Google Play the app is free with in-app purchases. Parents and educators, we recommend this as an excellent addition to your kid’s Toolbox for Life! I’m certain many of you will be working your way through the castles too, just add another player 😉




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