Parenting Safety Tips

Our intent for our kids is to have a fun learning experience on the iPad. Now let’s avoid a few potential pitfalls together. The following videos show you where to go to ensure a safe experience for your kids while they use the iPad. Our kids learn fast, so you may want to check back on the settings occasionally.

  1. First, open to the first page, CHOOSE “SETTINGS”
  2. Look down the list to “Restrictions”
  3. Gently touch the OFF or ON to set to your preference.
  4. Exit to the main screen and you will no longer see the icons for the things you restricted.

Apps with no ads may still have an “About Us” page that shows other apps for sale in the store.  Blocking internet access for kids should be considered.

Controls for Installing and Deleting Apps

Controls for iTunes and Ping

Control for Safari

Control for YouTube

Movies and Podcast Controls – Set Rating

Movies, TV Shows and Apps – Rate by Age

Controls for In App Purchases and Time Limits to Purchase

Controls for Multiplayer Games and Adding Friends