Parent iPad Tips

Once the apps start adding up there are some things you can do to manage your iPad. You can delete apps and then go to your app store page-under “purchased” and reinstall – This comes in handy when you have a practice app that is cumulative and you want to get back to a clean slate – say – for another child. You can organize apps by category or by developer.  Let’s say you have four math apps, you can group them in to one spot on the page. Another way to restart apps and save energy is to turn them off.  Press the start button twice and you will see what is running.  Hold until they jiggle and then close with the minus button.


Deleting apps – hold an app until they jiggle – tap the x.

Turning off apps to reset and save energy-Press Start button twice, the bottom row will appear with the apps that are running-hold one until it jiggles and tap the x to turn them off – this will not remove them from your iPad. Click the start button when finished.


To recover deleted apps just go to your app store icon, click on “purchased” and redownload the app.


Organizing apps by category or family member – hold an icon until they jiggle – drag chosen apps on top of each other – click start button when you are done.